Excellent Reasons for Renting a Home in Asheville

Owning a vacant Asheville rental home can be frustrating. You may have a perfectly manicured lawn and a beautiful remodeled interior, but all of that is for naught if you cannot get a tenant. So how do you attract tenets effectively? While your first instinct may be to lower the rent, this may put you in a financial bind and frustrate the very reason why you are a landlord in the first place. Perhaps you should consider attracting tenants who donĂ¢??t live in Asheville. Using Craigslist and other online services, you can easily advertise your rental to tenants in other parts of North Carolina, or even other states. Here are some excellent benefits of renting a home in Asheville:

    • Weather: Because Asheville is in the mountains, it rarely gets above the low 80s in the summer. Winters are surprisingly mild, with average highs in the high 40s.
    • Cuisine: Asheville has many excellent restaurants, from barbecue joints to nouveau fusion restaurants. It is also well known for its beer, as it has eleven craft breweries.
    • Lower cost of living: The average home price in Asheville is $195,000, so rents will be accordingly cheaper.
    • Live music: Asheville has a plethora of musicians who play in the local clubs and on the streets of downtown. It also hosts musical festivals such as the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam and Moogfest. These kinds of unique community features can help draw in residents.
  • Attractions: Asheville is the location of the largest house in the United States, Biltmore House. It is also a major center for whitewater kayaking, and it has numerous disc golf courses.

Once you start targeting potential tenants in other markets, you should have no trouble leasing your Asheville rentals.