Greenville Property Managers on Signs of a Bad Property Manager

Hiring a property manager in Greenville can be a prudent decision if you do not want to handle the everyday duties of being a landlord, but you’re not quite off the hook. You still need to monitor the performance of your property manager, or you may find your properties in big trouble. Here are some signs that your rental manager in Greenville might need to be fired:

  • You cannot contact your property manager : It is impossible to know about the problems with your property if your property manager is not responding to your inquiries. This is unacceptable because you are the one who is likely to be sued if things go wrong, not the property manager. You can also test their responsiveness by calling your tenant hotline. If your property manager does not answer, they better have a very good excuse.
  • The property is not maintained : If you visit your property, you should not be surprised by anything that needs repair because your property manager should have already told you about it or fixed it. It is difficult to rent your property to new tenants when it is poorly maintained.
  • The cash flow does not add up : Unfortunately, embezzlement is not unknown in this industry.
  • Prolonged vacancies : In today’s hot rental market, it should be fairly easy to find new tenants relatively quickly. Since you lose money every day a unit is not rented, this should be a top priority for your property manager.

Fortunately, bad property managers are rare. Most Greenville property managers are professional and will do all they can to keep your properties running smoothly.