Greenville Rental Management Helps Landlords with Pet Policies

One of the biggest questions new landlords must ask themselves is whether or not to allow pets into their rental properties. On one hand, allowing pets on the property opens their rentals to a much larger Greenville market. On the other hand, pets can cause excess damage to the property and may even pose a liability risk to the property owner. Greenville rental management is a great place to go for information regarding pet policies.

When allowing pets to accompany their owners in a rental property, it is essential that a pet clause be included in the lease agreement. The agreement should refer to the policies that the landlord or property management team expects of the tenant. Some of these rules may state how many pets may be allowed in the rental, what breed restrictions will apply, and even desired weight limits. It may also be a good idea to require tenants with animals to pay a higher deposit to help repair extra pet-induced damage to the rental. Some landlords will even ask their tenant if they can meet the pet to get to know them prior to approval. It is a good idea to ask the tenant if the animal has ever had any problems, how long they have owned the animal, and where they got it. If the rental management team or the property owner decides that they are not going to allow pets, they must be careful not to discriminate against those who need a service animal. Seeing-eye dogs and the like are not just pets; they are necessary for disability accommodation.

Greenville management companies have a wealth of information on this topic and are always willing to help new landlords.