Greenville Rental Property Managers Help You Handle Domestic Violence

South Carolina is a great state, but there are some areas in which it could improve. In 2010, South Carolina had the second-highest rate of women killed by men in the nation, and the women knew their killers in forty-four of the forty-six cases. Most of the killers were spouses or boyfriends. Thus, it is likely that a Greenville property manager will have to confront the issue of domestic violence among his tenants. Greenville rental property managers have some practical ideas for resolving this issue as smoothly as possible.

There is no law granting special protection to tenants of domestic violence in South Carolina. This means that you are free to refuse to rent to victims of domestic violence, and you are free have a lease provision that prohibits any kind of violence in the property, which means that the tenant can be evicted for being a victim of domestic violence.

However, if a domestic violence victim is otherwise a good tenant, it may be a good idea to let the tenant stay. You will not have to worry about finding another tenant, and you can protect your interests by changing the locks and evicting the perpetrator, assuming he is a tenant.

Sometimes a tenant may ask to break the lease in order to move elsewhere. While you are not obligated to grant this request, you should consider granting it if you feel you can find another tenant easily, as domestic violence can cause problems for your other tenants as well. If you are worried about a tenant making a false claim in order to break a lease, you should ask the tenant to provide you with a copy of a restraining order.

If you have further questions about dealing with domestic violence issues, please contact a property manager in Greenville today.