Hendersonville Property Management : How to Market Rentals to Seniors

The mild climate and relaxed pace of living in Hendersonville has made it an ideal place for seniors to live. Over one-fifth of the population of Hendersonville is sixty-five years of age or older. For landlords who are involved in property management in Hendersonville, choosing to focus your marketing on seniors can be a very profitable strategy because seniors are less likely to move than other demographic groups. This means that you will have fewer vacancies.Here are some great tips on marketing your rentals to seniors from Hendersonville property management companies:

  • Make sure your rentals are accessible: Seniors are more likely to be disabled or have mobility issues, so your rentals need to accommodate them. Choose single-story buildings, install grab bars in the bathrooms, and make sure there are ramps for wheelchairs. Better yet, if you are looking to buy new properties, buy ones that feature universal design, which are designed to be accessible to both people with disabilities and those without disabilities.
  • Don’t forget social media: Facebook has become as big as it has because people of all demographic groups have accepted it, including seniors. However, seniors are still more likely than other groups to get information from print media, so you should also put some marketing resources here. Make sure to print your ads in a large, readable typeface, and don’t use the word “senior” unless your community qualifies as one intended for seniors.
  • Emphasize community: If seniors are more likely to spend more time at home, then you need to make home an exciting place. You should plan lots of activities for your tenant, such as barbecues, bingo games, and book clubs.

If you have additional questions about marketing rentals to seniors, please contact rental management in Hendersonville today.