How to Host a Great Open House

Holding an open house is a great way to show your rental property to multiple prospective tenants at once. Greenville property managers have a few suggestions on making sure your open house is a success.

In order to draw in most possible tenants, you should advertise the open house in few different ways. Posting announcements online and taking out a classified ad in a local newspaper are two great ways to increase the potential audience. You can also make up flyers that can be posted at local businesses to draw in a local crowd. Greenville property managers suggest posting signs around your neighborhood the day of the open house with arrows pointing interested people towards your rental.

Leading up to the day of the open house, focus on the rental’s appearance. Make sure the exterior is appealing and properly landscaped. The interior should undergo a major cleaning whether by you or a professional cleaning company. Prior to the open house, open the blinds and turn on the lights to brighten up the space. Greenville property managers recommend making some pamphlets or flyers featuring professional-looking pictures and rental details to give to prospective tenants.

At the open house, be friendly and greet each potential tenant. Offer to show everyone around the house and answer questions pertaining to the property. The tour is your chance to show off your rental while getting to know your possible future tenants.

Following these few tips can help you hold a successful open house and hopefully find some great tenants. Contact Greenville property managers for more information on finding tenants or for estimates on managing your rental property.