Last-Minutes Issues Prior to Move-In

For any new tenant, the days immediately prior in to moving into one of their new rentals in Spartanburg, SC, can be a very stressful time. And in those specific cases where the details of the lease or move-in agreement have not been finalized, it can be ripe for confusion or miscommunication.

For a rental manager, this is when their responsibility to their clients is at its highest. Their new tenants might be shuttling between two different rental properties in Spartanburg, which means they’re trying to co-ordinate their move-out date, move-in date, and the specific pick-up and delivery times for the moving company. If the tenant has work and family responsibilities, their stress can accumulate. Here are some tips to deal with the most common types of complications and misunderstandings:

  1. Reach a clear understanding of the move-in date. For example, if the lease for the new apartment begins on the first day of the month, and if that happens to be a Monday, the tenant may request to move in the Sunday on the day prior. If this is unfeasible, then the Spartanburg, South Carolina, rental management agent must make it clear several days in advance, as it could provide a rude surprise to his client. Conversely, if the Spartanburg apartment rental management agent handles the tenant’s soon-to-expire lease, it can alleviate stress to let them know they’ve got until the morning after the “expiration” day (usually the first day of the month) to move out.
  2. Clarify whether the tenant is required to pay a security deposit prior to move-in. It’s not unusual for people who are subletting or switching between rental properties in Spartanburg to find their new home in the final week before their previous lease expires. And, in the haste to move, they may verbally agree to a lease with the agent handling Spartanburg apartment rental management before every detail is ironed out. So a responsible agent should finalize the issue of a security deposit as early as possible.
  3. Assist with cable and internet. This isn’t always obvious, but companies who’ve dealt extensively with rentals in Spartanburg, SC, are far more likely than their new tenants to know whom the local internet and cable providers are. Servicemen often take several days to schedule a work trip to an apartment. So, while not required, it would nonetheless be helpful if the agent informs the tenant, several days before move-in, whom they should contact regarding cable and internet service.

By taking these simple extra steps, a Spartanburg, South Carolina, rental management company can leave a strong and lasting positive impression on their new tenants.