Potential Issues with Tenant Identification

A crucial task for any Hendersonville, NC property manager is confirming that the tenants they select are trustworthy. To achieve this aim, property managers can utilize tools such as credit checks and background checks. However these tools are not 100% guarantees, mainly because the persons who sign the lease may covertly be signing their name on behalf of another person.

There are several reasons a person may be unable or unwilling to sign their name onto a lease, and a Hendersonville rental manager should be aware of each of these possibilities when selecting a tenant:

  1. The unidentified tenant may have a poor credit rating. Usually, property managers in Hendersonville will want to lease properties to somebody with a “good” to “excellent” credit score, which usually falls between 650 and 850. However, if a person has a poor credit score (below 550)-whether due to debt or unpaid loans-they might fear being turned down for the lease by their property manager. To circumvent this problem, the anonymous tenant may have a friend or family member step in and fill out the required paperwork.
  2. The unidentified tenant may have a Criminal background-one which they fear might come up during a routine background search. Again, a Hendersonville, NC property manager should not try to make assumptions or be overly suspicious of prospective tenants, but at the same time, they need to maintain a sense of integrity amongst the tenants they eventually select. It goes without saying that the phrase “criminal background” can encompass a wide range of crimes, from theft, to fraud, to the sorts of prior convictions-such as convictions for assault or illicit affairs with minors-that all future neighbors would have a right to be informed about. So the property manager must also keep their neighbors’ concerns in mind.
  3. The unidentified tenant may lack any form of ID or verification. Most likely, this could be because he or she is an illegal alien. The debate over how best to handle illegal aliens is a complex issue in the U.S., and not something which can be fully elaborated in this space. Nonetheless, it’s an issue that rental property managers in Hendersonville should be aware of.

Unfortunately, no form of identity check is 100% foolproof, but if a Hendersonville rental manager is aware of possible motives, they may be better able to spot situations such as the ones described above.