Property Management in Hendersonville Supports Pet-Friendly Policies

Many landlords are reluctant to rent to pet owners, and their worries are not without justification. Pets who are not cared for properly can scratch wood floors and furniture, and leave carpets in such bad shape that they need to be replaced. Furthermore, pets can bother other tenants or nearby neighbors with incessant noise, unhealthy droppings, or personal attacks, and these problems can increase your liability and decrease your property values. Although these can be significant issues, Hendersonville property management companies believe that landlords would do best if they rented pet-friendly properties, and here are some of the reasons why:

  • You will probably not have to pay out of pocket for damages: In some states, such as California, landlords may not charge pet deposits, and thus the security deposit may not cover the potential large damages inherent in renting to pet owners. However, if you are managing property in Hendersonville, state law allows you to charge a reasonable, nonrefundable pet deposit that is separate from any security deposit you may charge. The pet deposit plus the security deposit should be enough to cover most damage caused by pets, which is especially true if you are renting multiple properties.The pet deposits you receive from many responsible pet owners will easily be enough to cover the occasional major damage caused by pets with irresponsible owners.
  • You will expand your potential tenant pool: About 60% of Americans own pets, and most of them will not give up their pets for a rental, so you should think long and hard before shutting out such a large group of people. Also, once they find a pet-friendly place, they are less likely to move.
  • You will attract more responsible tenants: Most pet owners show responsibility by taking care of another living being, and they are more likely to take care of your property as well.

Property management in Hendersonville has had success renting to pet owners, so why not give it a try?