Security Deposits in Property Management Hendersonville, NC

Handling your property management Hendersonville, NC rental homes can be a great opportunity, but there are times it can be quite frustrating. One of those times is handling the return of the security deposit. As the property manager in Hendersonville, NC, there are a few steps you can take to help you know how to handle the situation when they become an issue. These tips can also save you from having a problem dealing with the tenant during the move out process.
As a Hendersonville, NC property management company, using these few tips can help save you a lot of time and money in the end. They can also help prevent any possible arguments or disagreements.

  1. Take Pictures – If at all possible take pictures of the unit before the tenants move in. This will help you have proof as to what condition the home was in when they arrived. Make this a part of your Hendersonville, NC rental process.
  2. Know Your Time Limits – As a Hendersonville, NC property manager you have a certain amount of time to get the deposit back to the tenant or a letter to them on why they received no security deposit. For a lot of states it is 3 weeks from the date that you receive the new address or the tenant moves out, whichever comes later.
  3. Send a Letter – If you take care of the inspections and find there is nothing left of the tenants deposit after repairs, you must still advise them as to why. Send out a letter to describe in detail why they are not receiving their deposit back.
  4. Ordinary “wear and tear” – You cannot deduct money for just ordinary wear of the home being lived in. It would have to be above and beyond damage. For example, repainting or cleaning carpets is not typically deducted.
  5. Use Real Numbers – Remember not to estimate on damages that have been repaired when you are sending out the letters. This could cause you problems in the end if the numbers are not exact. You are opening yourself up to the possibility of a law suit.

Using these tips as part of your Hendersonville property management can help you have successful end-of-lease dealings. Whenever you can, be sure to communicate with others who have experience in this field to prepare yourself for things that could happen at move out time.