Stigmas College Students May Face When Renting Property

Finding trustworthy, financially secure tenants is the goal of all South Carolina property management firms. One large group of candidates is composed of juniors and seniors in college looking to rent their first property. But those students may be unaware that certain stigmas are often placed on them.

From the students’ perspective, opting to do business with property management firms rather than with their college housing committee can be a smart choice. Room and board at a private college can often run up to $10,000 per school year, which makes renting a property the more affordable option. They can select their own roommates and install their own large-screen TVs. Renting a property also grants the students the flexibility to live there year-round.

However, from the perspective of Greenville, SC rental management firms, renting to students can be a risky option. For one thing, students tend not to have established credit ratings. They may currently be in debt or have student loans to pay off. Students might not have much money in their bank accounts, and if they work part-time jobs due to their schedules, their yearly incomes won’t be sizable. For this reason, South Carolina property management firms will often ask for a guarantor to ensure the students can cover their monthly rent.

There is also the suspicion, perhaps warranted, that students will use their new property as a site to host parties-whether informal gatherings or full-blown parties. On campuses, when fellow students want peace and quiet, they usually have the option of leaving their dorm and heading for the library. But a neighbor in his house doesn’t have the option to “leave for the library” if there’s a loud party next door. So employees at a Greenville, SC property management firm have to bear in mind the satisfaction of their other clients before they rent out to college students who could potentially disrupt the neighborhood.

There is also the issue of maintenance. Greenville, SC rental management companies have to ensure that their properties are well maintained. If lawns aren’t mowed, or debris or construction material is strewn around the yard and the driveway, it could lower the value of surrounding properties. Whether fair or not, college students have the reputation of being “messy.” A college freshman is only responsible for their own 12×10 foot dorm room-and a messy room isn’t visible to anyone else. But renting an entire property is a big step up, and so property management firms may be mindful of whether students can be trusted to take landscaping duties seriously.

The truth is, Greenville, SC, property management firms are often looking for tenants they can trust, and college students have to find ways to demonstrate they can be model tenants.