Asheville Property Management on How to Handle Unauthorized Occupants

Many landlords involved in rental management in Asheville keep a hands-off approach to their rental properties. After all, they are probably very busy people, and tenants have a right to quiet enjoyment of their homes. Some tenants will take advantage of this laissez-faire attitude by housing extra residents, and you may not find out about it until weeks or months after the fact. Unauthorized occupants can cause many problems for you such as parking shortages, increased utility costs, and laundry room congestion. Furthermore, because they are not on the lease, they can cause damage to your property or harass your other tenants without fear of retaliation. Asheville property management companies have some excellent advice about preventing these situations from occurring and what to do when they happen:

  • Establish guest and subleasing policies in the lease : You should state that any visitors who stay at the property more than a specified number of nights per month (typically seven) will be considered unauthorized occupants. Tenants who violate this policy will face a large rent increase or eviction.
  • Schedule periodic inspections : This allows you to keep tabs on your tenants without fearing that you will be accused of harassment.
  • Offer the unauthorized occupant a rental agreement : If the new person meets all your rental requirements, you may want to consider letting them move in permanently. You will have kept your old tenant happy, and now you will have an additional person who is liable for the rent. If the new person does not want to sign a rental agreement, give your tenant a cure or quit notice.

Hiring an Asheville rental property management company can help you keep an eye on your tenants and any unauthorized occupants they might harbor.