Baby Boomers Likely to Contribute to Asheville’s Growth

Asheville is a city of 80,000 residents, but it may become far more popular over the next several years due to an increase in recentretirees. As the baby boomer generation reaches the age of sixty and beyond, Asheville property managers may find their services in far higher demand.

Several national surveys seem toindicate an impending periodof growth for the Asheville, North Carolina, rental management industry. In 2009,U.S. News and World Report named Asheville as one of “America’s best affordable places to retire.” The website gave Asheville the #1 spot in its 2010 ranking of most popular retirement towns. The website – which helps people research different cities when they are planning to relocate-named Asheville #1 for its 2007 list of “America’s top 100 places to live.”

North Carolina’s population has increased 18% over the past decade, and Asheville’s growth has outpaced the state’s average. Business leaders and property management experts in the area attribute this growth to a quality of life that baby boomers find appealing. A lot of baby boomers who relocate to the areatend to come from the Northeast. Unlike Florida, the state of North Carolina has moderate temperatures in both the summer and winter, making it an ideal choice for them. When baby boomers are prepared and ready to relocate, they will likely turn to an Asheville, North Carolina,condo management business for assistance.

Although options such as Craigslist could suit people in their 20’s who are more tech-savvy, it is likely that members of the baby boomer generation would feel more comfortable having face-to-face meetings with a representative from an Asheville, North Carolina, rental management firm in order to gain a foothold in the rental market.

Furthermore, a young adult may be satisfied simply subletting a room or arranging to share an apartment, whereas a mature couple with a lifetime of possessions would rather lease their own property, which is why seeking the services of an Asheville condo management professional would be a logical first step when planning their move.

Nonetheless, it’s not only baby boomers who will likely drive up the need for Asheville property managers. The city is also renowned for its cultural arts, and was given the top spot in AmericanStyle magazine’s “Top 25 small city arts destinations.” And with its foliage and its natural setting against the mountains, it’s a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts. For all these reasons, property management in Asheville will be a very practicable industry in the coming years.