Deducting Security Deposits for Property Management in Greenville

Every landlord has faced security-deposit woes. It typically begins with a tenant vacating the premises and during the final walk-through inspection, several issues are spotted by the landlord. Landlords benefit from hiring a professional Greenville property management company that has expertise dealing with security-deposit deductions.

Security deposits are required when the lease period begins. The landlord holds these in a separate account in the event that when the tenant vacates, the home requires unusual repairs or cleaning. This also allows a landlord to restore the unit to its original condition.

Landlords are not permitted to use the security deposit to cover what is deemed normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear includes sun-faded curtains,water-stains, minor nicks or marks on the walls, dents where door handles bump into the walls, spotting or moderate dirt on carpeting, small nail or tack holes in the wall, rugs worn thin by normal foot traffic, worn refrigerator door gaskets, faded wall paint, loss of finish on hardwood floors, stains on porcelain that have lost protective coatings, dirty mini-blinds, black spots on bathroom mirrors, a broken thermostat in a dryer, or mineral deposits in toilet jets.

Greenville rental property management can, however, deduct from the security deposit items that are the sole responsibility of the tenant, which may include: cigarette burns, broken tiles, large holes in the walls, doors removed from hinges, rips in the carpeting, excessive picture holes, pet urine stains, stains caused by leaks, broken refrigerator or freezer shelves, water damage from plants, water stains on hardwood floors, grime-coated bathroom fixtures, dryer that is broken due to overloading, missing blinds, or sticky interiors and cabinets.