Greenville Property Management Companies Focus on Legal Requirements

Being a landlord can be a daunting task, which is why many property owners utilize the services of Greenville property management companies. These property management experts specialize in understanding legal paperwork requirements. The following highlights some of the necessary records that Greenville rental property management focuses on, ultimately helping landlords meet state law requirements.

  • Legal Agreements – Property managers keep copies of the original rental application, which includes the tenants’ background information, references, and credit report details. A signed copy of the lease, including any changes that are made during the course of the tenants’ residency is required. Additionally, a complete and signed Landlord-Tenant Checklist, also known as a Move-In Checklist, that highlights the condition of the property upon move-in is required to enforce any future security deposit retentions.
  • Documentation – All requests for entry to the rental should be made in writing, and property managers will keep a detailed record of all such requests. Any rent increase notices should be documented, in addition to repair requests, maintenance updates, and even inspection reports. All repairs need to be acknowledged in writing, including how they were addressed and all correspondence between the landlord, property manager, and tenants should be retained.
  • Details – Landlords should have a variety of information on tenants, which includes the address of the apartment home that is rented, the move-in date, a home or cell phone, the name and phone number of the tenants’ current employers, credit information, monthly rent, rent due date, security deposit details, vehicle information, and emergency contact information.