Greenville Property Managers on How to Prevent and Control Mosquitoes

Greenville, SC is a great city with many wonderful qualities, but in the hot and humid summer that is right around the corner, mosquitoes like to call it home as well. Sure, a mosquito bite can be really annoying, but the bite is not the main problem. Mosquitoes carry serious and deadly diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus, and St. Louis encephalitis. Over one thousand Americans a year get seriously ill as a result of mosquito bites. As a rental manager in Greenville, you have an obligation to prevent and control mosquitoes in your rentals for the safety of your tenants. Here are some excellent suggestions for doing so:

  • Clean the gutters regularly: Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water. If you do not clean the gutters regularly, the clogged leaves will creates pools of standing water for mosquitoes.
  • Do not overwater the garden: If the garden cannot absorb all the water, mosquitoes will be attracted to the water that remains.
  • Attract mosquito predators: Birds love to eat mosquitoes, so a prudent property manager in Greenvillewill hang bird feeders around to attract as many birds as possible.
  • Manage the vegetation: Mosquitoes like to rest on weeds and other vegetation. Mow the lawn often, and keep these mosquito attractions away from your rentals.
  • Fix doors and windows immediately: There should be screens on these at all times. If your tenant needs these repaired, make it a priority.


For more information about preventing and controlling mosquitoes, please contact Greenville property managers today.