Greenville Rental Property Managers Have Savvy Tips for Pet Policies

If you are a manager of property in Greenville that allows pets, you can’t just say, “Pets are OK”. If you do that, some tenants may take advantage of the lax pet policy, which is certainly not a situation you want. Greenville rental property managers urge pet-friendly landlords to have detailed pet policies. These policies are most likely to keep your tenants happy and your property undamaged. Here are some helpful things you should do:

  • Specify the number and kinds of pets you will allow: Most pet owners have either dogs or cats, and it is probably wise to allow these. However, you can set the number of pets, as well as a weight limit for each pet, which is especially helpful if you are wary of banning specific breeds. Feel free to ban more exotic animals such as snakes or iguanas.
  • Ask the tenant about the pet and see it in person: How long has the tenant had the pet? Has the pet caused damage to people or property? Who will take care of the pet if the tenant is away? Furthermore, a good Greenville property manager will ask to see the pet in person to judge whether the pet is uncontrollable or dangerous.
  • Require proof of all necessary licenses, tags, and vaccinations: This will show evidence of the tenant’s responsibility, and it may also relieve liability for you should the pets bother other tenants.

Your pet policy should be written and included in the lease agreement. It should explicitly state that the tenant is responsible for all pet damages and that violation of the pet policy is grounds for removal of the pet or eviction. The tenant will then know exactly what is expected and the consequences of failing to meet these expectations. If you have further questions about pet policies, contact a property manager in Greenville today.