Investing in a Good Real Estate Salesman

Choosing to invest in the area of Asheville, NC, property management is like investing in any other business venture. When you place money into a residential property, the property is not too different from a new technology or a consumer good. Of course you’ll want to make sure the residence is desirable. But when you invest, you’re also investing in the salesman-in this case, your personal property manager in Asheville.

You have to make sure, after considering the potential Asheville property managers, that the one you select is not only, honest, and personable, but, most importantly, a good businessman. And beyond the simple surface character, there are a few questions you should ask, from a business perspective:

  • Asheville property managers should be able to offer either testimonials from satisfied clients or a history of their salesmanship. For example: How many properties over the past twelve months have they successfully sold? How many properties are currently sitting unsold on the market? And how much profit have they generated for their previous clients over the past couple years?
  • Another important question is whether the agent can stay focused. You want to make sure when selecting a property manager that he will make selling your property his #1 priority. Is the practice of Asheville, NC, property management a side job, or is it his primary job? If he has other streams of income besides real estate, then what is to prevent him from becoming passive in his job? You want to make sure your agent will be actively pounding the pavement to sell your property. Which brings us to the third question:
  • How effectively can your agent advertise his product? If you treat the Asheville area as your consumer base, how many of those people can your property manager in Asheville reach? Again, selling a property is like selling any other product. Your potential clients are consumers. And if the consumers are not aware of your product, then it won’t matter how desirable the property is, or how effective the agent is when face-to-face with a client.

Those are the basic business-related questions you should ask before making any investment, and before choosing amongst Asheville property managers: Does he have a successful history of sales? Will he be focused on selling your product? And can he effectively advertise to clients?