Property Management in Greenville Discusses Smoking in Rentals

If you are looking to get into property management in Greenville, you will have to decide whether you will allow smoking in your rental properties. This is a different question than deciding whether to smoke in your own home.This is a business, and your decision should be based on what will make your business more profitable. In South Carolina, there are no laws protecting a tenant’s right to smoke indoors. If you wish to keep your properties smoke-free, you should include a no-smoking clause in the lease. Greenville property management companiesthink that banning smoking in your rentals is the better course of action, and here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Smokers are a shrinking group: Today, only one in five Americans smoke, and manynonsmokers find smoking repellent. Tenants of high-end properties are less likely to smoke than tenants of more modest properties. In apartment buildings, it takes only one smoker to ruin the pleasantenvironment of the property for other tenants because the smoke can travel through the vents. When a smoker leaves, he is still likely to bother the next inhabitant of that unit because smoke residue can stay in carpets and furniture for a long time. When trying to attract tenants, you should try to appeal to more people rather than fewer people.
  • Smoking damages the property: You will have to replace your paint and carpeting much more often if you allow smoking, and this can be very expensive. Additionally, allowing smoking increases the chances that a cigarette that is not properly snuffed out will cause a fire.

If you have further questions about whether to allow smoking in your rentals, please contact a property management company in Greenville today.