Rental Management in Asheville Helps You Prevent and Eradicate Bedbugs

Dealing with bedbugs can be one of the biggest problems for landlords managing rental properties in Asheville. These tiny reddish-brown insects feed on blood while people are sleeping, and while they don’t spread disease, no tenant wants to share a bed with them. They have been found in many kinds of dwellings all across the country, and as long as people continue to travel as much as they do, we should expect to see them for the foreseeable future. Asheville rental property managementcompanies have a couple of suggestions for eradicating bedbugs and preventing their presence:

  • Do-it-yourself methods – You may want to ask your tenants if they can take some measures to prevent infestation. These measures include:
  • Washing the bedding and drying it on high heat weekly
  • Vacuuming the carpet, drapes, and upholstered furniture weekly, and placing the vacuum contents in a plastic bag and removing it
  • Caulking cracks in the floor and wall
  • Reducing clutter so that bedbugs have fewer places to hide
  • Pulling beds away from the wall
  • Covering mattresses and box springs with vinyl covers
    • Chemical treatment – Calling a professional exterminator is a sensible choice, and one of the methods that they use is chemical treatment. It is often the cheapest option, but it has two disadvantages. First, the exterminator will probably have to come back in two to three weeks to apply another treatment to kill any eggs that may have hatched.Second, bedbugs may develop a resistance to the chemicals.
  • Heat treatment – This option is more expensive, but it may be more effective. The exterminator uses extreme heat to kill all the bedbugs and eggs, and it should take less than a day to finish.

For more information about preventing and eradicating bedbugs, please contact rental management in Asheville today.