Tips for Providing Home Maintenance Service

A property manager has many responsibilities, including providing upkeep and maintenance in response to the normal wear and tear of homes. A rent-paying tenant will expect reliable service, and the property manager must try his best to serve those expectations. To meet those expectations, there are certain behaviors that Greenville property managers should adopt, and they can be summarized with the three P’s:

  1. Professionalism: A property manager must treat all problems with a high level of professionalism. Sometime a tenant will seek the manager’s assistance with a minor mechanical issue that: A.) The tenant could easily resolve himself or herself, or B.) Is not necessarily an urgent matter. Nonetheless, just as a tenant should treat their property manager with courtesy, so must the manager treat his tenants with the respect they deserve. Even if the Greenville, SC, property management agent has many visits to make on a particular day, he should strive to treat every resident as though they are a valued tenant.
  2. Punctuality: One of the biggest gripes amongst tenants who require maintenance work is the uncertainty of waiting for their agent to arrive. Therefore, the ability to arrive at a set hour, consistently, for maintenance will almost certainly stamp a lasting, positive impression on the tenant’s mind.
  3. Performance: Basically, a property manager in Greenville must be knowledgeable enough to fix the problems that arise. He must be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to home maintenance, and that includes any plumbing, electrical, or structural problems that arise. When assessing an issue, he should locate precisely where the structural deficiency or malfunction lies.

Perhaps more importantly, a property manager in Greenville must recognize what he can fix and what he can’t fix, and he should leave any guesswork out of the equation. That way, when the situation warrants it, he can arrange to have the fixture replaced in an expedient manner. By doing this, he demonstrates that he’s more concerned with resolving the problem than he is with simply saving money. And by being honest, he treats the tenant with the respect one would hope to receive from a professional.

So long as Greenville property managers keep these three “P’s” in mind, they should be able to consistently provide top-notch maintenance service for their tenants, and leave a positive impression.