Tips to Make Landlords Successful with Their Asheville Rentals

Landlords struggle with various aspects Asheville rentals. These few simple suggestions will help make every landlord a successful one.

  • Do the research! Property management companies have experience with Asheville rentals. It is important to understand aspects of federal, state, and municipal laws to be a successful landlord. If a landlord violates a law, it will affect the resident and could lead to a lawsuit. Ashville rental owners need to understand security deposit and eviction laws. In addition, it is illegal for a landlord to discriminate because of gender, race, or religion.
  • Be specific! There a variety of cookie-cutter leases available for Asheville rentals. It is important to make a lease fit both resident and landlord needs. A more informational and meticulous lease will drastically diminish the possibility for issues that may need to involve a third party. It is important to include everything from inspections and maintenance to late fees and pet stipulations in the lease. A lease is designed to protect both the resident and landlord in Asheville rentals.
  • Communicate with residents! When a resident moves into a home, it is important the resident and landlord exchange contact information including email addresses. Communication through email keeps a record of the conversation between landlord and resident.
  • Use compassion! If a resident calls with a repair request, schedule a time to look at the damage. An inspection also requires that yougive the resident proper notice and commit to having the damage fixed as efficiently as possible. Don’t forget to follow local and municipal laws regarding entering and repairing a resident’s residence.