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Good Luck to Kit Garren, Founder and CEO as he departs for his Water Cycle 2015 bike trip across America in an effort to raise money and awareness for Jessie’s Well Foundation!  To learn more about this program or to make a donation, visit their website: Jessie’  To keep up with his blog posts, see photos, videos and to follow Kit’s progress across America on his Water Cycle adventure, visit the Jessie’s Well Foundation Facebook page!


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Since 1986 has been focused on delivering hassle-free investment returns to our clients.  Our technology and delivery systems are second-to-none and our team works diligently to serve our clients and customers, learn from our mistakes and improve personally and professionally.  So all that focus means our world here at® is built around providing quality rental investment returns for our owners and quality rental homes for our residents.

There is another important facet of®, however, that is not as well known to the public but extremely vital to® and our greater community.  It is Team TOR Cares®.  TOR Cares® is the service arm of® made up of the caring individuals who you speak with on a regular basis.

Most recently the TOR Cares team adopted a Habitat House in the Asheville, NC area.  During a recent construction day on-site we met “Nancy”.  Nancy was working on her home alongside our team so we got to know her and learn how excited she was to be able to complete the house by Christmas 2015 and move in with her two boys – a dream-come-true for this hard working single mother.


There is no tangible value to be placed on the opportunity to serve others. Words cannot express the enjoyment our team experienced to be a part of   That’s why TOR Cares exists, so that we can be hands and feet to those in need – both near and far.

This fall,® founder, Kit Garren will be cycling across the nation from Seattle, Washington to Jacksonville, Florida.  The 3400+ mile trek will cross 12 states over 46 days to raise funds and awareness for clean water to children in the Dominican Republic.® is a corporate sponsor for the event along with Jessie’s Well Foundation and Compassion International.  You can learn more about the event at

At® we continue our commitment to serve our clients and customers in our growing markets.  Through this success, we are also proud to give back by serving our local and global community through Team TOR Cares®.

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Being a successful investor is easy when you have the proper Mountain Home property management tools. Working with a company like Tons of Rentals can provide all those necessary tools to insure all your investment properties are making money instead of costing you money. Our property managers in Mountain Home provide you with maintenance services, rental collection and even eviction processing to make sure you are successful through each rental. Working with our Mountain Home property management team can save you both time and money with all your rental homes.

Mountain Home property management is our specialty and we have many ways we help you in being the successful investor you have ambitions to be. First, your property managers will help you by filling any vacant properties you have. A home without a tenant in it is not making you money but rather costing you money. By utilizing our marketing campaign we can fill those homes for you. Our property management company can also help you to screen all those potential renters to be certain you have quality tenants in your homes at all times.

Another great tool we offer is that of our maintenance service. Working with our Mountain Home property managers means that you will not have to answer any late night emergency maintenance calls any longer. We have a team of vendors that we work with that are certified and insured. Working with these vendors again and again helps to save you money by lowering the costs.

Many people have realized the benefits of working with Mountain Home property management companies.  We have the services and staff to get the job done. When you hire us to handle your property management in Mountain Home, here are just a few of the other services you can expect:

  • Timely Rent Collection – We take care of rent collection for you. We offer several options for your tenant to be able to make sure their rent is on time every month.
  • Online Maintenance request – This makes it easy for your tenants to request a repair or maintenance on the home. This also helps us to take care of them in a timely manner.
  • Lease preparation – We prepare all lease documents for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

There are many other services you will find when working with Tons of Rentals. Call or contact us online today to see how we can help you to be successful and take the stress out of being a landlord.

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When you own investment property it can be a great way to earn income, but without a Balfour property management team on your side, it can be quite overwhelming. Tons of Rentals has developed a plan to not only help you manage your homes but also to help you save money and time when working with your homes. Our team of property managers Balfour can handle every aspect of renting out your homes for you. From lease preparation to regulation compliance, we take care of every step to insure a smooth and efficient rental process. When working with our Balfour property management team you can get back to your life and still be a real estate investor.

Many people, when first starting out, do not realize the volume of work that they have to put into their Balfour property management. Some believe that there is not much to do except collect rent. There are many factors that go into property management Balfour and our team of specialists is here to make sure you are taken care of. First off, when you are looking to rent your home it is critical that you seek quality tenants for them. We help you to do this by doing a thorough screening on any potential renters. We perform credit, background and reference checks on all our renters before they are placed into a home. We also have an aggressive marketing campaign to get the word out that your home is available. A vacant home is not a profitable home and thus we help to get your home in front of those looking for rentals.

When you are considering working with Balfour property management companies you need to ask questions of the potential company to make sure they have what you are looking for. Make sure they are ready to handle all of your maintenance issues as we are. We pride ourselves on giving the best service to our property owners and helping to build the relationship between tenant and owner.

Our property management in Balfour is one that will see to all of your management needs and insure you are saving money. For example, by working with our contractors on any maintenance issues that arise, we keep the costs down. We also help to save you time by getting you back to your full time job and family. It is difficult at times when you work another job and have many investment properties. Let our property managers in Balfour show you how you can be a successful investor and still take care of your other responsibilities.

Call one of our Balfour property managers today to see just what ways we can help. You will be able to rest a little easier knowing that all of your homes are protected as well as you.

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Having Asheville homes for lease can be a great investment but to be successful you need know how to handle all of the aspects of being a landlord. There are many legal details that have to be followed and we at Tons of Rentals can help you do just that. There are also many other services we can offer for you and your homes for lease in Asheville. We cover everything from the first evaluation of your home to the lease and even maintenance services

When you first contact Tons of Rentals we will have one of our trained associates to come out and do an initial evaluation and analysis of your home. This will help you to realize the maximum rent potential out of your home and make sure you are up to date. We will help you to learn if there are any repairs or maintenance that must be done to the home before it can be rented.

We also offer our landlords online access to their accounts with Tons of Rentals Property Management. You can look up your owner statements and other items such as a copy of the lease or HOA documents. You can also see work orders and invoices for your properties.

We offer maintenance services including both emergency and routine repairs. We are on-call 24 hours a day for your tenants. We can help our residents with any issues that may come up any time of the day or night. This means no more late night calls for you to handle.

Tons of Rentals is ready to help you manage all of your Asheville homes for lease. We know what it takes to be a successful investor in these times and are ready to offer you the assistance you need to be the profitable investor you planned on. From rent collection to eviction and tenant retention we can help you with every step of the process. Call one of our trained associates today to see how we can help you relieve the stress and hassle of owning rental properties.


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If you are considering Asheville home rentals, Tons of Rentals knows how tough it is to be a landlord in this day and age and we are ready to help you. As one of the largest providers of property management services in the area, we know what it takes to be a successful landlord in the Western North Carolina vicinity. We have the experience and services you need to make sure every tenant experience is a pleasant one

We offer a vast array of services for all your home rental management in Asheville and the surrounding areas. We start off by advertising and marketing your properties to insure a wide audience knows where you are. A vacant home is not a profitable home and therefore we work to get the word out that you have an available rental. We advertise your home on our website with beautiful pictures and slide shows so future tenants can see all aspects of the home. We have other areas where we advertise as well such as print media and bulletin boards. We believe the more people see your rental the more likely we are to find an excellent tenant.

The next step for Asheville home rentals is to screen prospective tenants. This can be difficult if you are trying to screen as an individual. We have access to do background checks, residential and employment history checks and to verify sources of income. This helps to insure that you are happy with the tenant chosen, and the tenant is a reliable renter.

We will also assist with preparing the lease for you and insuring all parties have signed. We keep up to date on all the legal aspects and new laws that may affect you as a landlord and how you run your Asheville home rentals. We walk through the lease with the resident and also do an orientation for them on the property, explaining what is expected of them as tenants

Call our office or contact us online today to see how you can be benefiting from our services for your Asheville home rentals.

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If you have Asheville homes for rent, you know how it can be a great investment, but also overwhelming. Working with Tons of Rentals can help you to properly manage your investments while also protecting you and your property. We have a vast array of services to insure you are a successful investor.

Whether you have single family homes or you’re a condo owner, we have the experience and knowledge to help you be profitable in Asheville and the surrounding areas. We work with you to insure that you are getting the maximum potential from your homes to rent in Asheville. We understand how overwhelming and stressful it can be to own multiple properties and try to take care of all the needs and requests that sometimes come all at once. That is where our Asheville property managers come in to help. From maintenance to realtor services, we can handle all aspects of your rental homes.

When you have a home, inevitably you will have to have some type of repairs done. When you own rental homes this can come more often. You are responsible for keeping the home in working order and safe for all occupants. When you choose to work with our company we take care of all the maintenance needs you may have in your Asheville rental home. We have a team that can handle all of your small repair needs like carpentry, concrete work and more. We also have an online service for you to place a work order request. You will find we have a trained team member on call 24/7 to answer any emergency maintenance request that may arise with your rental homes in Asheville.

Call Tons of Rentals today to see how we can help you with all your property management needs for your Asheville homes for rent. We understand what it takes to be a successful investor and strive to help you be just that. Whether you are just starting out in the investment world or you are seasoned real estate investor, we have property managers ready to help you.

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Owning rental property is a great way to grow your investment portfolio but can be overwhelming without Hendersonville property management help. Tons of Rentals can offer you the assistance you need to make all your rental transactions smooth and profitable. We understand the many unique needs of property owners and strive to meet each one. From advertising to tenant screening, we cover all bases needed when it comes to your Hendersonville property management.

Undertaking investment properties can be quite daunting for someone new to the real estate and Hendersonville property management arena. Our team of property managers in Hendersonville knows how to help you make your home profitable and protect you and your assets at the same time. We offer many services to our investors to insure that they will have a smooth process each time their home is available for rent. Our property managers Hendersonville will handle each and every aspect of renting your homes to insure you have quality tenants, proper maintenance, and conform to regulations.

When you choose to work with our team for your property management Hendersonville, here are just a few of the benefits you will be receiving:

  • Advertising – A vacant property is not a profitable one but rather a cost to you. We help to reduce these by advertising your homes when they are available for rent.
  • Resident Screening – By screening the potential tenants our Hendersonville property managers know who is going into the home and what their backgrounds are. We can be sure to have quality tenants to care for your rental home.
  • Lease preparation – Legal paperwork can be stressful when trying to prepare it yourself. We take care of all this for you and make sure that all parties have signed and understand the agreement.
  • Compliance with all Regulations – Regulations are changing all the time so it is important to keep up with those changes that affect you. We do this for you to make sure that you’re kept up-to-date on all changes.

When you choose to work with Tons of Rentals you are choosing to make your property management in Hendersonville smooth and seamless. We take the hassle out of owning multiple rental properties for you and free you to do the things you need to, such as your full time job. Don’t waste any more time on worrying about the details or searching for Hendersonville property management companies. Call or contact us online today to find out just what advantages you are missing by not working with our company.

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If you are struggling with your Asheville NC property management you don’t need to do that any longer. Tons of Rentals has all the help you need to manage all your properties and get back to your full time job. Our property managers in Asheville, NC know what it takes to successfully manage many properties and maintain each one. They have the training and the experience to insure your rental transactions are smooth, simple and handled properly. From maintenance to lease break management, our team knows how to handle all your property management needs.
When first starting out, handling your own Asheville, NC property management may seem like the right way to go. After a little time though you may realize that it is overwhelming and there are many tasks to handle each and every day. By allowing our team to help you in tasks such as advertising and maintenance, we can help you get back to your life and working on your own jobs as you need to. Working with Asheville, NC property management companies has allowed many investors to breathe a little easier and know that their properties and themselves are protected during any situation. While choosing one company might seem hard, we believe that Tons of Rentals is the right one to handle all of your rental needs.
One of the many services you can expect when working with our Asheville property management team is a great maintenance service team. We have a highly skilled team that can handle your small plumbing, carpentry and even concrete repairs. You can create a work request online or call us to let us know about a repair that needs done. Asheville property managers will contact you to schedule the needed repair and insure it is done in a timely manner. You can rest easy and your tenants will be able to know they can have repairs done no matter what time day or night.

There are many other services our property managers can offer you:


  • Lease preparation – You can rest assured your lease will be prepared and all parties will have signed and understand the agreement.
  • Compliance – Regulations do change quite often in this business and you need to stay up-to-date. We can do this for you and insure you are in compliance no matter what the changes are.
  • Rent Collection – We will take care of the collection of all rents and fees and apply them to your account accordingly.
  • Lease Break Management – Unfortunately these do happen and we are here to insure your tenant maintains all the agreements set forth in the lease.


Working with Tons of Rentals for your property management in Asheville, NC is a great way to maximize the potential of your rental properties while minimizing your cost. Call our office today or contact us online to find out just how we can help you become the successful investors you want to be.

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Ideally, Mills River property management is all about creating a smooth experience for current or potential tenants. Here at Tons of Rentals, we are the experts regarding all things related to property management. If you’re looking for a new place to live, we’re the best company to work with for your needs regarding Mills River property management!

Mills River property management is highly dependent upon your success in finding a rental property that fits your needs. We understand that finding a new rental can be a stressful experience, but we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to find a place that you’ll love to call home! When meeting with property managers, Mills River residents, or those who are considering a move to the area, want to know that they’ll be able to easily find what they’re looking for. When you browse our extensive rental listings, you’ll be able to select certain features that you’re most interested in, such as the number of bedrooms and a price range that fits your needs without ever leaving our website. When everything you need is in one place, your rental search will be made much easier.

Property management in Mills River encompasses many responsibilities. We have been the market leader since 1986 so we are well versed in helping our residents through any situation that may crop up. You can apply for a property that you’re interested in online in order to get the process started right away. We’re also committed to making sure that you fully understand your lease agreement; our property managers in Mills River will walk you through every step of the way.

Once you’ve moved in you’ll find that we’re still here when you need us. If you need to submit a maintenance request you can do so online or by phone. When it comes to property management, Mills River tenants want to feel valued and respected while enjoying efficient service. Our Mills River property managers offer all this and more, so that when you choose Tons of Rentals for your residential property needs you’ll enjoy a great experience whether you are a prospective renter or a long-term resident in one of the properties that we manage.

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If you’re a landlord, you’re probably already well aware that Weaverville property management is related to a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. There’s a lot more to it than just collecting the rent. You have to be prepared to assist your tenants at any hour of the day or night because emergencies can happen at any time. Why worry about potentially being disturbed during your personal life, or potentially setting yourself up for a lawsuit if you don’t adequately fix problems and make your tenants sign appropriate lease agreements? Give yourself peace of mind by relying on Tons of Rentals to help with your needs for Weaverville property management.

Weaverville property management at its best involves marketing, tenant screenings and keeping a careful eye on your property once it’s occupied. When it comes to property management, Weaverville experts at our company have the experience necessary in order to make sure your tenants and your property are treated right! This translates into less headaches for you because you can feel confident that we have the knowledge and tools needed to efficiently handle any situation that arises regarding property management in Weaverville.

Finding tenants can be one of the most intensive parts of the entire rental process. After all, even when you try your best to screen tenants there can still be some surprises that may not be entirely evident until after the lease agreement is signed. Our property managers in Weaverville will take all the guesswork out of this often complicated process so that you can relax and expect your property to be occupied by reliable tenants. We require identification from each adult who will be occupying the property and will also check carefully for criminal history, income verification and residential history.

Finally, we’ll make sure that you stay informed about any legislative changes that may affect you by updating our forms and agreements accordingly. Our property managers Weaverville team know that this side of property management can be very time intensive, but we’ll make sure you’re aware of what you need to know with minimal effort.

These are just some of the ways that Weaverville property managers can help landlords stay on top of things and give their tenants a great rental experience. Contact Tons of Rentals today for more information!

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No matter if you became a landlord by choice or by force, our Hendersonville NC property management services can help you to get the most out of your rental homes. Here at Tons of Rentals we understand the details that go into the day-to-day running of your rental homes can become overwhelming. Our property managers in Hendersonville can help you to handle each and every one. Take a few moments to find out how we can help you with your property management needs.

Since 1986 we have been helping landlords just like you to handle each task that comes with their Hendersonville NC property management. For some of our landlords, they entered into the rental home business by their choice. For others, it was out of necessity due to the recent housing crisis. Whatever your reason may be we can help you to find the services you need to make all your homes profitable.

Our Hendersonville NC property managers have the experience and knowledge needed to find quality tenants for your homes. We do this by performing a thorough tenant screening on each potential renter.

While there are several Hendersonville NC property management companies, we believe that we are the right one for you. Here are just a few of the services we can offer with our property management in Hendersonville NC:

  • Maintenance – We take care of both preventative and emergency maintenance issues. Your tenants can call us any time, day or night, to help them with any problems that may arise. This means no more late night phone calls for you.
  • Lease Preparation – We help to insure that all parties understand the lease and that it is agreeable to all involved. We are happy to answer any questions you or your tenants may have.
  • Aggressive Marketing and Advertising – By utilizing our programs for advertising we can help to reduce the vacancy times between your tenants. This helps you to keep costs down for you and profits in your pockets.
  • Move-In Orientation and Move-Out Processes – We help your tenants to be familiar with the home and the lease as well. We also take care of all items necessary for a smooth and easy move out process.

There are many more benefits you can receive from our property management. Hendersonville NC is a beautiful place to live and a great place to be a landlord. Find out more by talking with one of our highly trained property managers today.

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When you own rental homes the everyday tasks can be quite overwhelming unless you have a great Woodfin property management team to help you take care of them. At Tons of Rentals we understand each of our owners have different needs for their different homes. From helping renters find their new homes to helping owners take care of those homes, we can meet all the Woodfin property management needs that may arise.

By working with our Woodfin property managers you will see how easy your Woodfin property management can be. One service we provide is an initial evaluation of your properties. This helps you to understand any repairs or updates that might need to be done and also will help us to determine what the proper rent for your home would be. Our property managers in Woodfin will also tell you what the market is doing around your home to make sure you are competitive. We will also do routine inspections so that we can insure your home is properly cared for and maintained.

Another benefit to our property management in Woodfin is the fact that you will have quality tenants in your home. We screen each potential tenant thoroughly through background, credit and reference checks. We will also verify the tenant’s employment and income. This helps you to be sure of whom you have in your home. This also helps to reduce vacancy times between tenants. We understand that vacancies are not making you money but instead costing you precious income.

If you are considering working with Woodfin property management companies be sure to talk with one of our Tons of Rentals property managers. Woodfin is a lovely place to live and we are looking for new rental homes to offer our renters. While we believe we are the company that can provide you with everything you need for your management, we encourage you to research your options. Being an informed investor is very important to making wise decisions.

Call our office or visit us today to find out how you can benefit from our property management. Woodfin can be a great place to start your investment career.

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If you are working as a Hendersonville property manager, your clients will often look to you for help in deciding when and where to invest in property. This is especially true with new investors who are often very eager to get started but are still feeling a bit timid and uncertain. They will probably ask you what type of property is best for them. Should they invest in an apartment that will have them interacting with several families, or just focus on single-family homes? As a Hendersonville property manager, you have the responsibility for gauging your clients’ needs and goals and helping them get matched up with a great property. Here are some tips:

  • Location: Hendersonville property managers should have an in-depth knowledge of the community that they work in. Property investors want to know the areas that have the most potential for future growth and they’ll also need information about the attractive aspects of a certain town. So, if you’re a property manager in Hendersonville, be prepared to answer questions about what draws people to want to live there, because this will help drive investment decisions.
  • Single family homes: As a Hendersonville property manager, you’ll want to remind your clients that in general, single family homes are a perfect fit for the beginning investor. They’re a good way for investors to start to get a grasp of what’s involved in Hendersonville property management and investment.
  • Time and effort: Some investors want to try and handle the needs of the properties on their own, particularly if they are just dealing with a single family dwelling. But since property management needs are so diverse, new investors can quickly feel nervous about handling even a single property. Encourage them to rely on the services of an experienced local property management company to take care of at least the more complex areas of property management. This will allow beginning investors to focus on seeking out new property purchases instead of feeling bogged down by the ongoing management of their existing properties.

In closing, remember that you can help investors make educated decisions just by evaluating their needs and situation and showing them appropriate properties in the area.

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When it comes to property management, Asheville investors often feel encouraged to buy as many properties as they can afford to handle, particularly once they’ve tasted a bit of initial success. If you’re interested in maximizing your income through investment and property management in Asheville, there are some key resources that can help you reach your goals.

The first is having a good relationship with your bank, and specifically, your lender. Discuss your investment acquisition goals with them and listen to their advice for achieving your financial goals. In all matters of property management, Asheville investors will feel restricted if they don’t have the financial resources to buy the best properties. Pay attention to the recommendations of your lender to have the best chance of getting the loans that you need to succeed through your investments.

You also need to have a good grasp of what you hope to achieve through property investment. Are you hoping to quit your day job and get involved in Asheville property management on a full time basis, or are you just hoping to supplement your existing income? There are many tasks involved in property management. Asheville investors should aim to be fully aware of them before taking the plunge and trying to manage several properties at once. In many cases, it’s a smart move to hire a professional Asheville property manager to lend a hand.

As the number of your investments increases, so will your time commitment as you try to keep all the properties looking their best. Many investors ultimately discover that property management is a constant task. Think realistically about how much you can handle on your own, and learn to recognize when it’s time to get help with your properties. Professional property management companies are used to managing hundreds or even thousands of properties at once, which means they’re able to deal with even the most complex issues related to the properties that you’ve purchased.

If you have the advantage of a knowledgeable lender and a competent property manager, you’ll find that it’s much easier to quickly acquire and manage even a large number of properties at once.