Using Human Resources to Find a Property Manager

When seeking help with property investments, you need a way to evaluate potential mangers. The challenge isn’t simply to locate Spartanburg, SC, property management professionals-agents can easily be found via ads or Yellow Pages. The real challenge is accurately judging the agents who’ll sell your property, and there are three types of human resources you can rely on for providing judgment on property managers.

The first strategy for using human resources is to locate an association of property investors in your local area. There are a handful of real estate investment clubs in the state of South Carolina, including one in Spartanburg called “Foothills REIA.” Their contact information is available online, and their members could provide valuable resources and experience for anyone interested in entering the field of property management in Spartanburg. If your scope expands beyond Spartanburg and into the general area of South Carolina property management, there are additional real estate clubs based in Charleston and Columbia.

The second human resource would be friends and acquaintances with direct business experience from dealing with property managers in Spartanburg, SC – whether as clients or simply as renters. However, there is one important caveat when relying on word-of-mouth recommendations, which goes back to an old maxim: “There are no friends in the business world.” In a sense, every agent handling property management in Spartanburg is out for profit, and there’s never a certainty you will receive the same preferential treatment as another customer who already has a long-standing relationship with the property manager.

A third type of human resource includes people whom you don’t know personally: Previous clients of a particular property manager who subsequently wrote testimonials. It’s not uncommon for a South Carolina property management professional to have a personal website in which he includes the positive feedback of former clients. Such feedback usually attests to the property manager’s efficiency and dedication.

Again, however, there is a caveat when reading an agent’s testimonials: Does that satisfied client share your own mind-set?  If certain property managers in Spartanburg, SC,have cutthroat personalities, they might not appeal to all types of investors. When judging potential managers, ask yourself: Are they looking to make their customers happy, or are they looking to take control? And if you’re not okay with the latter option, then perhaps you should reconsider.

When seeking a quality Greenville, SC, property management agent, you not only want an efficient businessman, but also someone who will treat you fairly and whose vision for investment matches yours.